About Cynthia Lowman

The Short Version

Cynthia LowmanCynthia likes her name but goes by Cindy. She is mostly a writer and sometimes a web designer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is editing her first novel and hopes to defy the odds by getting it published. In case that doesn’t work, she will start her second novel before the end of 2015. She writes short stories, some of which will be featured on 9th Story and The Wicked Library podcasts. Cindy is a member of Pennwriters as well as two writing groups that she expects to help make her famous. Follow her journey to fame and fortune on her blog, Facebook, Twitter and all those other social media outlets she’s been told to use and intermittently does.

Not Bored Yet?

I am Cynthia Lowman — writer and nerd.

You can find me several places online under my married name of Niespodzianski. While I would love to write under this unique and beautiful Polish name, few can say or spell it, hence the use of my maiden name. If you ever want to know how to say “surprise” in Polish, I’m your person.

Always fascinated by technology and communication, I have been online before the Internet was out of the universities. My husband and I even ran our own bulletin board system (BBS) in the early 90s. Later, I kept a blog when they were called online journals.

While I am a gadget geek, I like old-timey stuff too and still use a typewriter for some of my writing. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a house where we had a computer before a dishwasher. It was a weird mix of technology and tradition, which actually describes me quite well.

I have a hungry brain that likes to be fed lots of information. It’s happiest when it has a lot to learn and a job (or several jobs) to do. This led me to develop some of my hobbies, namely quilting, soapmaking, and web design, into businesses. On a more professional side, I spent ten years in a fascinating career helping to establish and run the business office of a local wound center.

In all of my ventures, writing has been a common thread. Whether the project was poetry, an office procedure manual, sales brochure copy, or narration for a screenplay, I was drawn to put words together in meaningful, interesting ways. Even in my spare time, I write and have years of journals as embarrassing proof.

Not being completely single-minded, I do more than write. I also read what other people write! I have been a story nut since I could shove a book in any available hands.

But my life isn’t all about words. Somehow, I parented two children into adulthood. I am an avid supporter of animal rescue and have adopted child substitutes to fill my empty nest two cats and my walking/running buddy — a husky named Tiko. I won’t even start on all of my interests. I certainly won’t live long enough to explore them all, but at least I can try.