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All The ThingsI love a new year. New Year’s Eve and Day very well might be my favorites. Yes, it is just a day, but so is any other day of the year. It is my time to review, reset, and focus. The reminder is built in, so I don’t have to remember anything. For me, that is a very good thing. The biggest problem I have is wanting to do ALL THE THINGS! At least I’ve learned I can’t do everything. That’s an important lesson.

I am doing some things though. A few I’m carrying over. Some I’m adding. Others I’m trying again. It’s a hodgepodge.

First up, is the Minimalism Game I covered yesterday. And look… I did Day 3!

  • A teacup I bought because it had pansies on it, but I don’t really like
  • A freebie Penguins hat that I don’t like but kept because it’s Penguins
  • Two soap books I never used and never will use (counting as 1 thing)

Next, I am late doing, but it’s still good for me: Lisa Jacob’s New Year For A New You. That’s the link to the last day, but it has all the days at the very top, so you can start at Day 1.

My bullet journal is still going strong, and I find myself using it more faithfully all the time. Adding trackers was one of the best things I ever did. I’m so motivated by checking off boxes. I’m simple like that.

I’ve been a member of Sea Change for at least a couple years now. While I haven’t always been so good at completing modules, it still has helped me. Possibly more than anything else. Leo is who first helped me accept tiny steps as a means to getting where I want to go. This year, we’re building our own plans and using the modules to start or deepen our focus areas. Mine are meditation/mindfulness, healthful eating, fitness, writing, enrich relationships, and improve environment (minimalism, decluttering, nesting).

I have also used Headspace for meditation for more than two years. It’s my annual Mother’s Day gift from John. The past two months were sporadic at best. When I use it regularly, life improves. I like other meditation apps, but I always end up back with Headspace.

For exercise, I walk the dog every day. Simple enough. I love tracking, so I just use my Apple Watch for that when I remember. I’m getting better. I also use Walk for a Dog by Wooftrax to raise money for my local shelter.

I also started what I think of as my experiments. I’m choosing an app, website, or advice to try for at least a week. Keeping my health focus, I chose to start the Nike+ Training Club. I’m so out of shape, I’m a beginning beginner, but they didn’t have that option, so even the evaluation made me so sore, I thought I was going to tumble down the stairs. For three days. Woof.

Seeing this long post makes me worry I’m trying too much. My two chosen focus areas this month are meditation and walking, so as long as I do those, I’ll consider it a success.

From my readings:

Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach

You must first be who you really are, then, do what you need to do, in order to have what you want.

–Margaret Young

Zen In The Art Of Writing by Ray Bradbury

The other six or seven drafts are going to be pure torture. So why not enjoy the first draft, in the hope that your joy will seek and find others in the world who, reading your story, will catch fire too?

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