Review iPhone Fitness App: lolo Treadmill Trainer – Day 3

This is the third in a series documenting my experience with the iPhone fitness app, lolo BeatBurn Treadmill/Outdoor Trainer.

I am right on track with the program, even though it’s been a couple days. I expect to take one day off between workouts, but this time it had to be two. Life gets busy sometimes.  Also, certain people are so far from being morning people that getting up before the sun to exercise sounds like the worst kind of torture. If I’m going to make excuses not to work out, I will do it any time of day, which I have proven countless times. So far, I have managed to plan this into my days and weeks as needed.

This workout was much the same as the last one in intensity with only slight increases. The part at 4.0 mph with 4% incline went for 30 seconds instead of 15 seconds.  Once again, the biggest incline of 12% was at 2.0 mph, so it was completely doable. There were a few more 4.0 mph intervals for one to two minutes, but all were at 0% incline. I felt challenged but never felt like I couldn’t finish.

After being welcomed back, Brittany, the trainer, seemed to be less talkative. She still gave me some tips and encouragement here and there, and also provided the countdowns. Maybe I was more preoccupied with another Penguins game on TV and only think she didn’t talk as much. It would be nice if the trainer’s encouragement level could be increased or reduced, but it’s not necessary to make this a good app.

Overall, this workout lasted 48 minutes for me, which was only 30 seconds longer than the app’s runtime. I covered 2.39 miles and burned 324 calories according to my treadmill. The app claims I went 2.24 miles and burned 382.95 calories.

The difference in calories I can understand. Everything seems to calculate those differently and overestimates. But the difference in miles covered is a mystery to me. The app tells you how fast and how long to go during each interval. It’s basic math, so why the .15 mile difference between my treadmill and the app? I haven’t calibrated my treadmill recently, but I can’t imagine it’s that far off since the last time I checked. The extra 30 seconds I walked can’t account for .15 miles either.

I suppose it doesn’t matter much as long as the app is being used on a reliable treadmill. There are probably some people who don’t care, though no one I know would be happy to be robbed of .15 miles. My friends and I have mileage goals. Even if I didn’t, I still want credit for every foot of ground I cover! I will definitely be keeping a close eye on the distance discrepancy.

It’s still a good workout, and I’m pleased with the progression thus far. I feel sufficiently challenged but not overwhelmed. It’s important to share I am not easily overwhelmed by physical challenges and have a tendency to push myself too hard, often getting injured in the process. For me, this app is keeping me from doing that by reigning in my desire to do more-more-more!

I credit this for being why I haven’t been sore at all. I have felt a little tightness in my shins during the actual workout, but this is a common problem for me. I’m careful to always end my treadmill time with calf, hamstring, and quad stretches. It feels good, and it helps keep me from getting too tight and immobile as I get more fit.

Hopefully I am getting more fit. If I continue to work out with Brittany, I should!

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