The Lift Podcast Is Taking Passengers

The Lift PodcastThough my friend, Dan, gives me credit for helping to create The Lift Podcast, he is being way too generous. I played a tiny part in the creation and was invited to write a story or two. But my role grows, and if I wasn’t already excited about participating (I was!), I’m bursting at the seams at the opportunity to help shape what I think is a super podcast!

What Is The Lift Podcast?

Victoria's Lift
Art by Jeannette Andromeda

With elements from Dante’s Inferno, Twilight Zone, and maybe a touch of Dr. Who, each episode is the story of a person in need of a lesson. The spooky guide, Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes,
operates The Lift, housed in an equally strange building. The visitor is taken to the necessary floors for a challenge. Choices are made, and judgment results. Along the way, listeners will also find out more about Victoria and the building.

The ride is only just beginning, so get on board and catch up! You can also check out pilot episodes for a little extra.

Pushing Buttons

After a great deal of agonizing and input from my critique partners, my first Lift story contribution is complete. It is a standard episode, though there are tendrils that listeners may recognize from previous episodes and will see in the future as well. I like to leave some unanswered questions, so listeners can use their own imaginations and come up with their own theories.

I knew I wanted to try narrating my own story. Though not autobiographical (aren’t all of our stories somewhat autobiographical in a way?), mine was written from a female perspective, and I think a woman’s voice lends authenticity to the story. There are also unwritten elements of the story I knew to express in the reading.

Dan was nice enough to humor me, and I recorded my first narration a couple of weeks ago. It went very well, if I do say so myself. Dan even invited me to do more narrations, and I am thrilled! It is a lot of fun, and surprisingly emotional, to narrate. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I love doing it.

Look for my first story to air in January 2016.

Gear Up

Make sure to check out the episodes already released:

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