Train Man at The Wicked Library

Train Man

Both my love of writing and the ideas for this story are from my childhood. Fortunately, I took a different track than those in my story, so I’m only writing terrible things, not doing them. If that hasn’t scared you off, please give my story a listen — Train Man at The Wicked Library.

A trainload of thanks goes to my friend, Dan Foytik, who puts tons of work into The Wicked Library podcast and all that goes with it, including wrangling writers like me. His narration and selection of music made my story so much better. As if that’s not enough work, he has some excellent plans for a storytelling podcast called Listen, an exciting series of intertwined tales for The Lift podcast, and his established 9th Story podcast. You can keep up with these by visiting 9th Story Studios.

The next freight of thanks goes to Jon Towers for creating a spectacular and frightening cover image for my story from a simple synopsis. He is a man of many talents, from running his own Red Horse Radio podcast to drawing comics and graphic novels to crawling into the minds of writers and illustrating their nightmares. Make sure to check out his site.

I can’t forget to acknowledge the original engine and creator of The Wicked Library, Nelson W. Pyles. Without him, none of this would be. He still produces the podcast but also writes stories and novels, including Demons, Dolls, & Milkshakes.

I still like cabooses, even though they aren’t used anymore, but I have no analogy for it other than to say thanks to everyone for your support and the use of your ears and your imaginations.

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