Podcast Short Stories

Podcast short stories are narrated and produced with music and some effects.

The LiftPlummet

Part Twilight Zone but wholly unique, The Lift is a unique, monthly audio drama featuring a mysterious girl who guides visitors to their transformations.


  • No Such Thing

    A young woman visits The Building to retrieve something special for her friend. A ride on The Lift opens doors to the future and something dark from the past. Some doors are harder to open than others, and there is often a very good reason for them to remain closed.

  • Plummet

    Before Victoria began to use her lift to take visitors to strange realities, she was a nine-year-old girl living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the end of the Victorian era. Find out, in her own words, what befell her that fateful day in 1901 to forever change her and her destiny.

The Wicked LibraryTrain Man

The Wicked Library is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to bringing you stories of horror by the newest and best independent authors. We showcase original short stories, from various horror sub-genres, dramatically read by talented voice actors. Stories feature musical scoring to create truly immersive experience.

  • Train Man 

    Ever since she was a child, Rissa has been terrified of the trains that rumbled past her house at night and the nightmares that came with them – especially those of the Train Man.