Bedtime Podcast List

This was going to be a list of all podcasts in my player, but that’s too many. I needed an easier post while I work hard on making my Camp Nanowrimo goal, so I narrowed it down to my bedtime podcast list. These are podcasts that are lighter on music and effects, so I can drift off easier.

Before the list, let me make a recommendation for those of you with iPhones or iPads. Do yourself a favor and quit using that bloaty mess they call a podcast player. I’m using Overcast, which has a fantastic free version. So many other podcast players are available on the App Store for free or reasonable cost.

Bedtime podcast listOn To The Bedtime Podcast List!


“Fact is scarier than fiction.” A true crime podcast that goes into detail about various crimes around the globe. Sometimes, I don’t go to sleep. Sometimes I have to get up and check all the doors and windows are locked.


I started with the Myths & Legends podcast (below) and love the host, so I had to check this one out when it started.  Public domain works of fiction are retold by the entertaining Jason Weiser. He will make you enjoy those books you had to read in high school English class.


Titled appropriately, this is about lore. While the tagline is similar to Casefile, “Because sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction,” this podcast leans more to the supernatural and strange.

Myths & Legends

Like Fictional, Jason Weiser adds humor to myths and legends from around the world while still making me learn stuff. Now I know the Greek gods and goddesses are even more horrible and petty than I thought. Plus, I love hearing the lesser known tales.


Are you sensing a theme? Real events that remain a mystery are the subject of this podcast. I love the vibe of this show and that the host is comfortable relaying events without trying to make you believe anything in particular.


My bedtime podcast list consists of story fodder. If I fall asleep listening to these, my hope is that the weird tales will penetrate my subconscious mind and tangle into my own stories.  My only problem is sometimes they are so gripping that I can’t fall asleep. Usually I can convince myself to fall asleep anyway, because I can always rewind. Or listen again.

Even though I listen to these at bedtime, I recommend them for any time of day. If you scare easily, daytime may be best for you.

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