Just A Day

The sun is out. The day is cold but nothing like any of our old homes. I appreciate this place already.

I have big plans for the day. A long list. Most of it planning, review, and prep for my 2018 accomplishments. When mortality becomes material, finishing important work becomes urgent. Or even if not urgent, clearer.

If the end is near, what do I want to leave? The end could be near for anyone at any time. The mind doesn’t like to face its end.

Is it vanity? Love for those who would miss me? Fear? All. That and more. In the end, what does any of it matter? I am as important or as meaningless as anything. It’s all perception. Yet I am still an emotional, pondering creature, as are most humans, and that makes it matter. In the heart if nowhere else. And that is enough for me. Because I love.

So much philosophy. Deep thinking today. Mortality is the best creator.


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