Going for a Plummet

A Whirlwind Summer

It’s a wonder I managed to finish any work during the past two months. I’ve only been home 25 days of the past 60. 11 of those 25 days saw us having guests. Whew! I wouldn’t have it any other way though, except for the emergency (a plummet of a different kind) that took us back to Pittsburgh in July.

The Lift Rises

Also in the past two months, The Lift grew hugely successful. And it’s only its first season! We spent quite a bit of time in iTunes top 50 for Literature and cracked the top 10 in Art for a little while last week (at the time of this writing, we’re still at 16)! More amazing than that, we made it in the top 100 (the upper 50s for a bit) of ALL PODCASTS on iTunes for a few days!

Too bad we’re on break now. We need it though. We will pick right back up for Season 2 in October.

PlummetMy Story, Plummet

Have you listened yet? Now is a great time to start! I even wrote the season finale, Plummet, about Victoria when she was a normal little girl. Make sure you have a tissue handy though.

Can you believe this art? Jeannette Andromeda of HorrorMade knocked it out of the park! I’m so in love with it, even though it is heartbreaking.

When you listen, Amber Collins, who is the voice of Victoria, adds so much depth to the story. You can truly hear Victoria through Amber. This is the first time Amber has narrated a complete story, and she was marvelous!

The excellent score by Nico Vittese of We Talk of Dreams adds another superb layer to this story. Sadly, The Lift is saying goodbye to Nico as music director. He’s so good, he’s able to make music a full-time career. We may hear him again on an episode in the future. I hope so!

So go listen! Love us and rate us on iTunes and subscribe, so you get Season 2 as soon as it starts.

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