Seventeen Before 2017

Seventeen Before 2017 As usual, I’m late with this. I wrote this in my journal more than a month ago with plans to resurrect the blog in October. So, it’s November, and number 13 is already a fail. Since I’m only posting this here now, I think of it as a new beginning! That means, I haven’t failed. Yet.

This idea comes courtesy of Lisa Jacobs of Marketing Creativity. I should use more of her advice. I have to start somewhere.

For goals that have fallen off the radar or projects that need a kick in the butt, doing the Seventeen Before 2017 list helped me reevaluate where I am and where I want to be as the year comes to a close.

Let’s see what I have!

1 – Refinish Desk

Since moving to Indianapolis, and then Carmel, I have used a table and a folding tray as my workspace. So inspiring! Meanwhile, there is a lovely kidney-shaped desk I bought from Craigslist that sits in the garage, partially refinished. It spent a good amount of time in the basement in Pittsburgh too. I need to finish it. And use it.

2 – Decorate Office

As above, I haven’t done anything to make my office space a pleasant place to be. Work is always better in nice surroundings.

3 – Hang Curtains In House

There are blinds on every window, so we aren’t terrorizing the community. There is an unfinished feeling to the place with no other window dressing. At least on some. I have new curtains waiting in a bag in the garage. It’s one of those things I always put off because it feels like such a hassle, and other things are important. Plus, we have blinds. The blinds have made me lazy. I blame the blinds.

4 – Find A Yoga Studio

I do a tiny bit of yoga at home most days, but having a teacher and studio is extra special. I miss it.

5 – Start Running Again

My ankle will never be the same after tearing those ligaments last year, but I can still walk. And run. I just need to be careful. (Stop laughing!) Easy to do when miles of well-maintained, paved trails are all around. And treadmills are in the clubhouse.

I started running before my 40th year to run the Flying Pig Half Marathon in Cincinnati. I love flying pigs! I want that medal. I have run multiple half marathons now, but no Flying Pig. I’m closer than ever to Cincy. It’s time.

6 – Find Doctors & Make Appointments

I hear many health care workers are bad about going to the doctor. While no longer working in health care, I am still afflicted. It is hard to move to a new place a find new doctors. Harder still when you LOVE YOUR DOCTOR where you used to love. But that office won’t keep refilling my meds forever. And I can’t see so well. And my teeth need a scrape. (shudder) I already made my first appointment. Go me!

7 – Redesign Laramie Website

I said I’d do this as a favor, because he’s family. The problem with that arrangement is regular work gets prioritized over this every time. But I need to do it, because I said I would.

8 – Redesign My Website

If this list were in order of importance, this would be last. Still needs to be done. My bio still says I live in Pittsburgh.

9 – Complete Book Narrations

One is done! Woo! If you love ghost stories and spooky tales, check out Shadows At The Door. The print anthology is available now, and the audio book (where you can hear me) will be completed soon.

The other narration is the female lines in an epic fantasy, Carrot Field. I am pumped about being the Lion Queen and all the rest of the characters. A Carrot Field podcast with ten free episodes will be released later this month with the full audio book available at the podcast completion. Details coming later.

10 – NaNoWriMo

Somehow, I skipped this when making the original list and didn’t realize it until writing this. When I decided to go ahead and do this insanity on Halloween day, I thought, “I should have put this on my list.” So now it is. I’m still thinking it’s a stupid move and wins the Most Likely Not To Be Finished award. Too late now. It’s on there.

11 – Visit All Carmel Parks With Trails

The intent is to get out in nature and walk more. I would have been smarter to do these when it’s warmer, but I own coats and hats and gloves.

12 – Write Two Short Stories

One is due now. Or it might have been last week. Always good to know my deadlines! It’s partially written and fully outlines. Can I do it?

Why two stories? One didn’t seem enough. And remember that comment about me being stupid in 10? Yeah.

13 – Post On Blog One Time A Month

If I can’t manage another blog post before the end of the year, I need to reconsider this career.

14 – Minimize & Update Wardrobe

I already started this. Moving helped. Coming to terms with my actual size over my desired size helped more. I won’t do Project 333. It’s too restrictive for me. Clothing is an area I allow myself some flakiness (Stop laughing! Again!), and I’m not getting rid of my cat shoes. But I can trim some things down. I haven’t come up with a number. Step one is to make a plan.

15 – Plan Italy Trip With Ellie

Speaking of plans, this is exciting! John and I decided to do 21st birthday trips for our kids. Ellie did not want to go to Vegas like Justin did. When asked what she did want, she surprised us with something she rarely does and chose Italy. That child doesn’t ask for a pair of socks, much less something so extravagant. Rather than say no, I will go alone with her, and it will be a 21st birthday and graduation gift. I already tried to get her to help me plan. She is a worse decision maker than I, so it’s all on me. Advice is welcome!

16 – Make A Social Media Plan

I have that writer’s disease of wanting to be a hermit, but that’s not doable in this world. Especially at my writing level. I’m no J.D. Salinger or Harper Lee. I have to be social and stop swooping in at random. I actually like people. In person. And also in a broad, figurative sense. But social media keeps getting scarier and chipping away at that. Plenty of writers do it well though, and that’s what I need to do too. Finding a solid plan that works at my elevated distraction level and tendency to flee from perceived (and sometimes real) danger will help.

17 – Start Next Novel

Did you hear me gulp? Every time I read that, my tummy feels like it’s imploding and going to suck me into the black hole. The good news is, I started! Technically, I completed this goal!

The bad news is, I have another 46,000 or so words to go. I’m already behind on that number 10 thing. Good thing I didn’t make this “Finish Next Novel.” Then I would certainly get sucked into the digestive black hole. j

But then all my worries would be over. Hmm.

How About You?

Are any of you doing Seventeen Before 2017 or thinking of giving it a try? What does your list look like?

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