Too Many Things

Too Many ThingsWell, hello there! I haven’t abandoned this site; I just can’t do too many things at once. And I’ve had more than my share of things.


If I’m going to write a novel, nearly all of my energy and focus must go towards that novel. If I am going to train for a half-marathon, I cannot write a novel with any sort of commitment. If I am going to move 370 miles from my home of nearly twenty years but not fully commit to that move and divide my time between both places, I will get almost nothing done. And finally, if I am going to prepare my home of almost two decades for sale, set your expectations of me to zero.



The List Of Too Many Things

I had a long explanation no one wanted to read, so I shortened it into my list of challenges:

  • Too Many ThingsDrove back and forth from Indianapolis to Pittsburgh enough to put almost 40,000 miles on a now 2 year old car.
  • Divided my time between two homes 370 miles apart.
  • Moved ourselves twice, my son twice, and my daughter twice (once driving a Uhaul van through Manhattan at rush hour–go me!).
  • Traveled to Seattle twice, Corolla, NC, Minneapolis, Omaha twice, Phoenix, and Chicago twice (not hardships, but trips do interrupt things).
  • Attended the funeral of a family member younger than myself.
  • Left my home of 20 years where I raised two kids, buried our cats, and lived longer than any other home.
  • Fixed up that home (mostly by myself) to look nicer than when we lived in it.
  • Now have an empty nest with those fledglings being far too many miles away.

And I Leave You With A Pig Analogy

This time has been more hardship than joy, but in the midst of it, I gained perspective. Life can always, always get worse. I’m thankful mine didn’t, but it still hasn’t been easy.

So now, I have plans (again) for this writing career of mine, including this place. Because I have learned important lessons through this chaos. One of those is I need get back up after failing, even if I indulge in some wallowing after that fall. This is my mud-caked self getting up and moving forward.

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